Carpet Cleaning Wizards are Back

It has been a while but I needed to take urgent care of some family business. Thankfully this is all sorted now and I am ready to dedicate myself to the art of precious carpet and rug cleaning again.

I hope you missed me. If you didn’t miss my charismatic smile (self-irony alert) I hope you missed the loud voice of my trusty porty (portable carpet extractor. The old Prochem beast is ready to vacuum carpets and jet blast the heck out of germs, dust, dirt and grime from the fibers.

So, stay tuned and watched this website slowly rebuilding itself. Joking. The guys are working tirelessly to bring back the old useful carpet cleaning website with a few modern twists this time. I must admit the old one was a bit outdated. Not that it affected the carpet cleaning service all customers of Benny’s have been enjoying for 15+ years.

Watch this space!

Benjamin out.